About Us

Rimtech is a well established local company run by a highly trained team. Rimtech can assure you that they will treat your vehicle with a high level of care be it a Rolls Royce or a Mini.

The company has been able to source the very best of equipment and materials available for re-finishing alloy wheels. They are a friendly and dedicated company which prides itself on its committment to quality work and the provision of impartial advice on the best procedure for each individual circumstance.

They are small enough to focus in an individual customers particular requirements and spend time to explain alternative finishes whether it be a simple one piece on a standard family saloon or a complicated high performance car. Classic cars and motorbikes are equally welcome.

Rimtech caters for all sectors of business, the trade, from national dealer groups, through to the individual one marque local dealers, as well as fleet, hire companies, and private individuals – all are welcome!

All aspects of wheel repair can be accommodated, kerb damage, corrosion, flaking paint, cracks, and bends. With the ever increasing number of customers wanting to individualize their vehicle, we are well placed with our new powder coating and paint system that will provide an infinite number of bespoke finishes.

Come along and have a chat and we can advise you on costs and details of individual needs.